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2021 Australian Access Awards Winner - SDA Tools

Winner SDA Tools AppOur

SDA Tools App

designed for NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) assessments has won the

2021 Australian Access Awards

Presented by Centre for Accessibility for the

Educational App of the Year !

 The Awards are presented by the Centre For Accessibility Australia which is an industry and not-for-profit collaboration working to promote digital access. 





SDA tools main screen

Vista Access Architects have developed the SDA Tools App which are a series of 3 calculators designed to assist and educate Designers,Certifiers and Developers with 3 key areas required for compliance with the NDIS (National DIsability Insurance Scheme) SDA (Specialist DIsability Accomodation) Design Standards.

1. NDIS SDA Density Calculator:

This calculator is to determine the number of participants permitted on a single parcel of land based on our interpretation of the NDIS SDA Rules 2020

2. Luminance Contrast Calculator:

This calculator is to select colours to satisfy the minimum 30% luminance contrast requirements as noted in the NDIS SDA Design Standards for Improved Liveability Design category dwellings.

3. Slope / Gradient Calculator:

This calculator is to assist designers to convert measurements of slope and gradients between a percentage, degrees or as a ratio.



Don't have an Apple device ? CLICK HERE for an online version of the Calculators on our website


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SDA Tools App for NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation

SDA Tools App

SDA Tools App has a set of calculators developed to assist with the design and assessment of dwellings developed under the NDIS SDA (National Disability Insurance Scheme - Specialist Disability Accommodation)

The SDA Tools App has 3 Calculators.

1. NDIS SDA Density Calculator based on the SDA Rules 2020

2. Luminance Contrast Calculator (where LRV Values are available)

3. Slope and Gradients Convertor Calculator

The app is availble for Apple phones and Ipads on this LINK 

For users that do not have access to Apple products the same calculators are available on on website HERE














































Disclaimer: The SDA Tools app is a free resource developed by Vista Access Architects to simplify the requirements and have been developed based on our interpretation of the requirements. The App is free to use but at your own risk. By using this App you agree that you use them at your own risk and the developers of this app and Vista Access Architects will take no responsibility for your reliance upon the results produced by the App.

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NDIS SDA High Physical Support home in QLD as per the new SDA Design Standard

Vista Access Architects are delighted to announce the completion of our very first Final-as-built Certification for an SDA (Specialist Disability Accommodation) HPS (High Physical Support) home in Avenell Heights QLD for our Client Liveable Homes Australia.

SDA Certification is a rigorous process with strict compliance essential with all the requirements of the NDIS SDA Design Standard and we would like to congratulate Liveable Homes Australia for possibly being the first in Australia in achieving the Final-as-built Certification for their beautiful home.

 3D walk through on this link

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