SEPP Seniors Living

SEPP - Housing for Seniors and PWD

State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP) - Housing for Seniors and People with a Disability (PWD) Developments

Vista Access Architects have been the Access Consultants for numerous projects for SEPP Seniors and PWD projects.

Some of our SEPP Seniors and PWD projects include, ARV Ponds Retirement Village, ARV Caddens Retirement Village for Anglican Retirement Villages, Parkes Retirement Village for Southern Cross Care, Richmond Retirement Village for Richmond RSL Life Care… to name a few.

Initially referred to as State Environmental Planning Policy (SEPP 5)- Senior Living, the State Environmental Planning Policy (Housing for Seniors or People with a Disability) 2004 is the planning policy that deals with housing for older people and people with a disability. The objective is to create housing that is both located and designed in a manner particularly suited to both those seniors who are independent, mobile and active as well as those who are frail, and other people with a disability of any age.

A copy of the SEPP SPWD can be downloaded from

Aged Care Facilities

Vista Access Architects have been the Access Consultants for numerous Aged Care projects. Aged Care projects are usually BCA Class 9c buildings with specific requirements for accessibility.

Some of our Aged care facility projects include, Mission Australia’s Aged Care Facility in Orange, ACDMA Aged Care facility in Canley Vale, Aged Care facility in Bathurst, BUPA Aged Care facility, ARV Aged Care facility in Penrith… to name a few.