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SDA Tools App for NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation

SDA Tools App

SDA Tools App has a set of calculators developed to assist with the design and assessment of dwellings developed under the NDIS SDA (National Disability Insurance Scheme - Specialist Disability Accommodation)

The SDA Tools App has 3 Calculators.

1. NDIS SDA Density Calculator based on the SDA Rules 2020

2. Luminance Contrast Calculator (where LRV Values are available)

3. Slope and Gradients Convertor Calculator

The app is availble for Apple phones and Ipads on this LINK 

For users that do not have access to Apple products the same calculators are available on on website HERE














































Disclaimer: The SDA Tools app is a free resource developed by Vista Access Architects to simplify the requirements and have been developed based on our interpretation of the requirements. The App is free to use but at your own risk. By using this App you agree that you use them at your own risk and the developers of this app and Vista Access Architects will take no responsibility for your reliance upon the results produced by the App.

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