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Preliminary findings of UTS Accessible Bathroom Research Project

As a part of our social responsibility / pro-bono works, Vista Access Architects have been involved with an exciting research project with UTS (University of Technology Sydney). The project is led by Professor Sidney Newton, Professor Simon Darcy and Dr Phillippa Carnemolla with Farah Madon and Mark Relf as industry partners and partnership with PDCN and SCIA.

This project undertakes inclusive empirical research with/by the aged and disability community, in living laboratory (mobile/field) settings. The research will document (accurately 3D scan) in-place accessible bathroom designs; analyse individual use experiences (using sophisticated motion-capture and user biometrics); and listen to (discuss, survey and observe) lived experiences. 






The video link is of the feedback webinar held on Tues 8 November 2022, and describes the research undertaken and findings from the project, along with next steps for improving these spaces for those that use them.


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