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2019 Australia Day Awards - Farah Madon awarded Penrith Citizen of the Year

Farah Madon was awarded the 2019 Penrith Citizen of the Year.

Below are the details as presented by Penrith City Council.

Mrs Farah Madon supports our local residents living with a disability and champions accessibility equality for all on a national level. 

Farah has dedicated herself to helping people with a disability who live, work or utilise services within the Penrith and surrounding areas. As a management commitee member of Penrith Disabilities Resource Center and Chairperson of Penrith Disabilities Action Forum she has been a key voice in advocating for and representing the needs of local residents with access needs. As a long-serving community representative member of Penrith City Council's Access Committee, Farah's knowledge has been invaluable in assisting Council to continue improving access for people of all abilities across the City.

Farah is Vice President of the Association of Consultants in Access Australia, the peak national body for access consultancy and a major partner in advancing equity of the built environment for people with a disability. Based on her thorough knowledge of the Australian Standards and the Australian Disability Discrimination Act she is also held in esteem as editor of the association's magazne, 'Access Insight'.

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